Weekly Feature September 18-24. Fruta Crush among Shops in Historic Downtown Provo.

Fruta Crush brings a taste of Mexico to Utah. Miriam and her brother Eduardo and his wife Ivone were raised in Mexico, where they loved the many Mexican snack shops. When Miriam moved to Utah and found no Mexican snack shops in Utah Valley, she and her family opened Fruta Crush.

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Fruta Crush is located in a building built by Henry William Davis in 1890 for his wife Rachel, for her millinery (hat making) business and shop. HW and Rachel had 21 children. Many of the daughters worked with their mother in the shop. Both parents died in 1908 and the youngest daughters managed the shop until 1930. Many businesses have occupied the building, including a Maytag Washing Machine company, an optometrist, and a pet shop.

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