The Historic Startup’s Candy Company, 534 South 100 West Weekly Feature

Jon Startup, current President of Startup’s Candy Company, continues five generations of candy making in the Startup family. Jon invented jumbo lollypops on wooden sticks in dozens of flavors that are now sold worldwide. In addition to making candy for orders from around the world, Jon and his wife Stacey have a small shop in the historic Startup building at 534 South 100 West. Here, one can purchase jumbo pops, as well as Startup’s Opera Bars and perfumed breath candies made by Startup’s for over a century. The shop is open from noon until 3:00 p.m., Thursday through Friday.

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William Startup began making candy in England in the 1830s. Five generations of Startups have continued the business. William’s son, William Daw Startup, learned candy making from his father. He joined the L.D.S. Church in England and moved to Utah, where he opened a store in Salt Lake. In 1874, he moved to Provo and opened a candy store. His sons continued the business. They developed the “Opera Bar”—the first candy bar with a filling made in the U.S.—and Startup’s “Magnolias”—tiny candies with perfume in the centers, which were forerunners of breath mints. The present building is on the Provo Landmarks registry. It was built in 1900 and currently houses small startup companies as well as the candy company.

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Old photo: c. 1900
New photo: 2017